Main Street

Inspired by the pleasures of living in a small town, our Main Street area has plenty of spaces for families to gather, friends to catch up on news, and neighbors to become better acquainted. Plans include a coffee shop, spa and salon, theater area and spaces for performances and cultural events. The convenience of our community will make it easy for you discover a favorite gathering place or invite friends to your Cottage Home or Apartment.

New Health Services Neighborhoods for Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

If you, a parent or loved one ever needs extra assistance or care, you can receive it from people you know and trust with health services at Rowley Masonic Community. Each of our new health services neighborhoods will offer modern residences, the highest quality care, social interaction and a spacious family-style kitchen and dining area for residents and families to enjoy.
Assisted Living
Our new Assisted Living neighborhood is designed for resident-centered care and will provide 24-hour assistance with the tasks of daily living with caring and consistent staff.

Our new rehabilitation services will deliver innovative therapies from experienced, fully licensed staff in a resident-centered care setting, so you and your loved ones can get back to living life.

Skilled Nursing
Our new Skilled Nursing private suites will offer professional, resident-centered care in a comfortable setting where family can be nearby. Nursing companion apartments and Medicare transitional apartments will be available.

Memory Care
Our new Memory Care residential spaces are designed to offer resident-centered care for people with Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments.

To schedule an appointment to learn more about available health services,contact us.